Thursday, 11 July 2013

Colour challenge reveal!

The real reveal is over on Brandi Hussey’s Brandigirlblog and it sure is full to the brim with wonderful colour.  Brandi is celebrating the launch of her new book Understanding Color and I wasn’t about to miss the party!  I was lucky enough to jump on the pre-order so I have a digital copy, and this week my hard copy came.  I also had the treat of a palette print in blues and greens which I love and would look wonderful in any room in my home – how did she know!?

palette 6 close up

Here is my entry


I’m borrowing Brandi’s shot since she put the palette along side oh so nicely.  I almost didn’t enter since I had a grander scheme in mind and time just ran away from me this week with plans changing on the fly.   This is part of a new polymer series I’m working on.  New textures, impressed in polymer, colourized and then resin overtop.  Usually if you are working with resin the goal is to eliminate bubbles.  I like the oddity here that the deep impressions allow for the bubbles to stay, I hope they appear as a feature.  It is a great big mess of colour in my studio at the moment, but I really am liking how things are turning out, if I do say so myself!

resin experiments

Now I fully intended to use this palette, #2,  for the challenge – isn’t it just stunning! That blue on the right end is very close to what I consider my very favourite blue.


I was most assuredly working in this vein, just didn’t manage to snap a picture in time for the deadline.

palette 2 close up

I’ve also been trying really hard not to forget that yellow, orange and red should appear in my work from time to time.  I am certainly looking to my new book to help me along that journey as I would like to be more purposeful in my colour combining. 

warm tone blooms

Thanks so much Brandi for letting me join in on the fun!  I’m about half way through reading Understanding Color and I just love how accessible Brandi makes the theory.  I’ve paused to digest a bit but am excited to have the resource at my worktable.


  1. Wonderful pendants, wonderful colors! They are beautifully clean and simple (as good design often is), but make me think hard "how did she make it?".

  2. Wow, such beautiful pendants! I love your use of bright colors!

  3. OK, so I am in love with the optical illusion of convex for concave, Emma. Also, I can truthfully say I hadn't even SEEN the bubbles in Brandi's photo (but I do now), and in pics 4 and 5 they seem about to "roll down the hill"... very cool! This design might become your LOOK, Emma...

  4. All of those are gorgeous!

  5. Emma these are all so gorgeous. Your entry is so amazingly beautiful - will you be selling these in your store?

    1. Thanks so much Libby! In some form or another these or ones like it will start making their way into the shop in the next couple weeks. I'm refining at the moment :) but appreciate you asking!

  6. Oh my goodness, Emma... THese are all so AMAZING! I want to know MORE about this new technique you are working on - my jaw dropped! I LOVE the colours and textures... Seriously swooning, over here!!!

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  8. emma, i'm such a huge fan of your work in general. but this one is absolutely breathtaking. i love the colors and how you have so much detail in your piece. at first glance i thought the bubbles were pearls. i like it even more knowing they are bubbles. it looks a wee bit like an underwater coral and the bubbles make it interactive. stunning!!

  9. Emma, stunning!! They are so beautiful! I love the colors and I am like Libby I would like to buy some too!

  10. So beautiful, Emma! That is wonderful that you were inspired to work on your new collection with colors from one of the palettes. I love your pendants with the resin glaze over top - so stunning. And I agree with Penny and others - can't wait to see them appear in your shop! Just like you, my favorite color is that teal/aqua in palette #2!

  11. Emma, these pendants are all so gorgeous! Love, love, love them!

  12. Your flowers are glorious colors! Well done!

  13. I love your flowers pendent!

  14. Emma...that first one, I went to your store to see it, but its not there, is it for sale? for how much? i LOVE it!

  15. I love your experiments with polymer clay and resin!!!


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