Sunday, 25 November 2012

7000 bracelets for hope reveal

When Sue Kennedy of Sue beads reached out a little while ago about a blog hop for 7000 bracelets I was happy for the reminder.  Earlier this year, I created a bracelet for the cause and committed to make seven before the end of the year.  At this point, I still just had the one made.  I thought this would be a perfect push for me to finish up.  Then as I started I thought well this would be number eight, a bit different from the others (not yet made :)).

I showed you the lovely buttons I found the other day and starting with that flower I decided to keep it simple.  Some of my polymer beads, some Joan Miller porcelain and a little glass beads in mixed blues on grey waxed linen.

bracelet collage

I like the porcelain disks, they look almost black but really are blue with a little gasoline-rainbow look on the surface.  One is two sided – blue/cream – and I love how that goes with the button. 

I have the focals, more porcelain and more buttons to create more bracelets… just waiting on a wee bit of time to get them done and shipped off.  Today I’m at a show and it will be my last of the season so there’s hope for me yet!

I’m very happy to be creating for this cause, please be sure to check our some of the other great bracelets being made by following the links from Sue’s blog

PS. Coupon code AWHOLIDAY for 20% off is active in my shop until Friday.  The jewelry will be with me today but look for new listings starting Monday.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway here


  1. I love those PC beads, Emma... they look just like streaky quartz. Hope you'll be sharing the rest of your bracelets, Too!

  2. A really lovely bracelet love the beads

  3. This is really beautiful! Best of luck at your shows!

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  5. So pretty!! Love your design.

  6. Nice! I've been meaning to start using buttons as clasps so your bracelet is a great motivator (and inspiration).

  7. Beautiful bracelet, thank you so much for participating! I'm glad this gave you the little push to finish your project!


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