Friday, 17 August 2012

Ready for another reveal?

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Are you ready to see what I created for Charming Peggy’s Link Challenge?

link challenge - Emma Todd

A necklace!  Yes, I seem to always make necklaces, but it was the right choice for these links.  The premise of this challenge was that Peggy would send out these acrylic links to twenty bloggers, challenging us to see what we could come up with.  In the end she sent ten sets of black and ten of this transparent tortoise shell you see here.

I had several ideas, involving wrapping one side with some irish waxed linen to either lash a button to the top or to create a fringe type effect, or, or, or.  I thought about doing some version of a Peter Pan type collar but didn’t have quite enough links to pull it off … please feel free to run with these ideas if you are inspired!

A Polymer Penchant link challenge

The links arrived apart and I dreamed up all sorts of ideas using them on their own (hello toggle!) but I couldn’t help myself I just had to start putting some together.  I made them all one string to see how long and ultimately separated them to three sets of five links and one of ten.  I was a bit nervous taking them apart again but they ease out pretty easily especially when you line up the slits.

The whole piece came together with some rich purple polymer beads that I highlighted with just a dash of copper pearlex.  I’ve been creating so many structured beads lately I just had to make some that were all about the squishing and pulling, very technical, I know.  Add in a little sari silk and some thrift rescue beads of appropriate scale and voila, necklace!  It’s nice and long to throw over your head and you can wear it a variety of ways.

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I’m excited to see what the rest of the group came up with
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  1. Am loving all the colors in there!

  2. Beautiful! I love your polymer beads and the fact that you used thrift store beads as well. I also love the fact that you made a long necklace that can be worn multiple ways. Thanks for being part of the challenge!

  3. Ditto to what Kashmira and Peggy said. I really like the swirl design on your polymer beads that mimics the look of the links. :)

  4. Great use of color and textures here!

  5. Those pink polymer beads are soooo yummi!


  6. Wonderful piece. I love all the color you incorporated in them. And the ribbon adds a nice touch.

  7. The beads add a nice contrast to the links. Especially the polymer beads. And the little touch of ribbon adds another nice pop of color.

  8. Lovely variety of colors and textures.

  9. Great colors- love the poly beads... they remind me of handmade candies...

  10. Love! But I especially love those purple polymer beads, they are so cool! Love texture.

  11. I really like the pop of purple ties. That really came together beautifully!


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